Sunday, September 18, 2011

1st Baby Shower

Yesterday was our first baby shower! I can't believe how blessed Mike and I are to have such wonderful friends and family that already love this baby so much. Micah has no idea how much love he will be surrounded by when he makes his appearance in a just about 8 weeks or less.
I felt so emotional walking in because I couldn't believe this shower was for me.  As many of you know Mike and I have been trying to have a child since we got married and we have been married for over two years now.... do the math, this was not an easy road for us.  I found myself praying today for those women who want children and may not be able to have them or those who are able but it's just taking longer then they would like. I pray that they won't lose heart and know that God has a special timing for them. My friend Alex used to tell me during times of frustration that God was just taking a little more time to make Mike and I and extra special little guy or girl.  I was overwhelmed by happiness yesterday but am very aware of the struggles others are going through and my heart goes out to them. I only hope and pray that they are lucky enough to have wonderfully supportive family and friends like we did, that helped us to get through the frustration of those times.  So, friends and family members that are reading this, THANK YOU from the bottom of both Mike's heart and mine for all of your encouragement, prayers, and positive thoughts the last two years we can't tell you all enough how appreciated you are.
My mom, sister, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law (Leann) hosted a BEAUTIFUL shower. We played a few games, the safety pin game where if you say "baby" you get your pin taken away, a game where you had to finish the Nursery Rhyme, and a game where you had a set amount of time to try and memorize everything on a tray and then write it down! The games were just so fun and everyone was silly and very competative (no you all know where I get it!) :)
The food was delicious and Micah got so many gifts! It was so much fun and it definitely made it seem even closer to his arrival!

Thank you so much to everyone that made yesterday so special.

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