Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogging Newbie

Okay so this blogging thing is totally new to me... my Sister-in-Law Stacey is awesome at it and I hope that  with time I will also become a super-star blogger, but bear with me for now.
Mike and I both have family and friends from out of town that we want to be able to share our lives with on more the a monthly or even yearly basis, hence this grand idea to start a Blog! As most of you know we are blessed beyond belief that in just 9 short weeks we will be welcoming a new member into our family. We hope that everyone will be able to be able to enjoy updates on his growth and development, and of course our experiences as new parents! 
So stay tuned family, friends, and fellow bloggers, I will keep you all posted as we await the arrival of the greatest gift God could ever give us. 
31 weeks and counting... :)

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